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Sunday, October 24, 2010 ♥
Title:1st Post.
Time:7:16 AM

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Eelyn Kok 郭蕙雯 

MediaCorp Artiste

After graduating from National University of Singapore with a major in Economics and Japanese Studies, Eelyn Kok decided not to settle for a regular desk-bound job and took a shot at fame in the local variety programme <Route to Glamour>. The strong contender emerged as one of the finalists.
Her experience as a part-time model during her school days was also put to good use after she accepted an acting contract with MediaCorp.
Besides acting, Eelyn is just as adept at hosting and singing.

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Profile ♥

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Gender : Female
Race : Chinese
Height : 1.7m
Weight : 47kg
Date Of Birth :August 12, 1979
Hair : Black
Eyes : Dark Brown
Languages Spoken : Mandarin, English
Talents : Acting, Singing, Modelling
graduated from Bukit Panjang Government High School, National University Of Singapore (NUS).
started being a Model
signed a 5-year contract with Mediaworks in 2001.
wastransferred to Mediacorp in 2005 after merger of Mediaworks & Mediacorp.

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Eelyn Portfolio ♥

2001 Wonderful Life – Pass It Forward 奇妙人生之感冒男女
2002 Tonight I Will Tell 人生导火线I之无良神琨
2002 Cash is King 胜券在握
2003 Crunch Time II 转捩点II
2004 Zero 零楼
2004 Perfect Woman 完美女人
2005 Love Concierge 爱的掌门人
2005 Baby Blues 谁家母鸡不生蛋
2005 A New Life 有福
2006 The Peak 最高点
2006 Rhapsody in Blue 蓝色仙人掌
2006 The Shining Star 星闪闪
2006 Women of Times 至尊红颜
2007 Kinship I & II 手足 I & II
2007 LifeLine II
2007 Man of the House 男人当家
2008 Beach Ball Babe 球爱大战
2008 Love Blossoms 心花朵朵开
2009 The Little Nyonya 小娘惹
2009 The Dream Catchers 未来不是梦
2009 My School Daze 书包太重
2009 My Buddy 难兄烂弟
2009 Together 当我们同在一起
2010 Precious Babes三个女人一个宝
2010 Family Court 走进走出

2003 City Slickers 行家出手
2003 Ready Steady Go 全民出动抢先玩
2004 Mission Possible 地球无界线
2006 City Slickers III 行家出手 III

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